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My Big New Shell provides residential buyers with great purchase conveyancing quotes – that can be created in seconds! If you are a first time buyer, or just buying a stand alone property for investment, you can compare a range of quotes. Save time, stress and money with My Big New Shell! Find your best deal. Property Purchase conveyancing quote

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Complete our instant quote calculator to compare property purchase conveyancing deals today! Whether you want to find the cheapest solicitor, the closest or the best reviewed – you can complete in just the click of a button. We additionally provide purchase and sale conveyancing quotes, just sale and remortgage conveyancing quotes too! All our solicitors are audited and UK licensed – ensuring you the best possible service.

Instant Quote Benefits include:

Why search endlessly for the best conveying deal? In the click of a button you can search through hundreds of national conveyancers, from the best reviewed, to the closest to home to the most affordable. Whatever your conveyancing criteria My Big New Shell provides you with an array of quotes

Typically, house buyers will compare conveyancing quotes to ensure that they are receiving the best deal ,and service, for the price paid. Well this is where we come in! We provide you with a range of quotes, so you don’t have to research! Some of the benefits of opting my big new shell include;

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What is Property Purchase conveyancing?

Property Purchase Conveyancing is defined as the legal transfer of home ownership, from the seller, to you the buyer. Generally, when an individual moves, he or she usually is a seller too, however, in your case as you are just a buyer, this should allow the conveyancing process to be quicker!

First Time Buyer Conveyancing

If you are a first time buyer who requires conveyancing, we understand that this is an exciting time, but can also be very daunting! You may be thinking what searches need to be carried out, and which surveyor should I choose, and how much is this going to cost me! Whichever conveyancer you choose, they will help you and inform you every step of the way, and advise you on the best causes of action for your purchase scenario.

If you want some reassurance, then we suggest reading this first time buyers guide which covers many questions.

How much does a Solicitor cost?

Generally, the average cost of conveyancing can vary between the £800 to £1,500 – including legal fees. This figure can vary depending on the value of property, required searches and your solicitors legal charge. If you are a first time buyer, then we have some good news! Your costs are typically lower due to no Stamp Duty charges, and as you are only purchasing their is no sale to your quote!

Here at My Big New Shell, we say sit back and relax! Buying a house is supposed to be the most exciting time of your life, and when you choose us – it stays exciting!

The Property Law Process:

There are 6 main processes that are completed before you have officially sold your property. The conveyancer who you have chosen, will complete the following for property sale:

Initial Legal work of contract drafts

Property searches (title deeds, flood risk, repair search, environmental etc..)

Buyers Mortgage Process (ensuring payment is successful)

Signing Contracts

Exchange Contracts

Completion & Move In day

It is worth noting that the speed at which the seller answers questions is a key factor to play in property sale – as often buyers can have many questions regarding condition

My Big New Shells panel only consists of registered and regulated conveyancers that all abide by the solicitors regulation authority handbook – as this ensures our customers only receive the best conveyancing service possible.

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